How to Stack Your Bracelets

How to Stack Your Bracelets


HOF Bracelet StackWe LOVE the stacked bracelet look…and so do fashion-forward people all around the world! Especially when the warm weather calls for short sleeves, you have even more opportunity to stack dazzling bangles on your wrists. That is why our diamond bracelets come in endless designs – making it easy to mix and match your favorite Hearts On Fire styles with each other, or even bracelets that you already own.

However, we always hear people say that while they love the look of stacked bangles, they don’t know how to achieve it themselves. Stress no more…there are no “real” rules to this look, but here’s 3 helpful tips on how we recommend to wear this fashionable style.

1. Only stack on one arm and leave the other bare or wear a bold ring on the opposite hand. For a bold ring try the Lorelei Interlocking Ring or the Copley Double Heart Right Hand Ring.
2. Wear one eye-catching bangle as the central point. If you don’t have a statement bangle add a watch as the focal point and have other bangles surrounding it. We love the Copley Pave Bangle or the Aerial Diamond Bracelet.
3. Don’t be afraid to use different textures or metal colors. Mixing yellow, white and rose gold is so popular today, and you can even mix your favorite metal bangle bracelets with a fashionable cord bracelet. Explore all styles of Cord Bracelets here.

Ready to get started? Here are some of our favorite bracelets to stack:

• Aerial Bangle
• Copley Bangle
• Optima Four Station Diamond Bangle
• Copley Multi Stone Bangle
• Lorelei Bracelet

Best Outfits to Pair with Your Jewelry

Best Outfits to Pair with Your Jewelry

Finding the best outfits to pair with your jewelry can be an intimidating task for any lady, but there is help out there! Whether you are dressing for work, pleasure, or something in between, you can definitely find the right outfit to go along with all of the jewelry you wear.


When you feel like nothing is quite made for your size, the job can get even more intimidating. We know what it is like. Real beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, but it’s sometimes hard to find a designer who respects and represents that. So often, clothes seem designed for toothpick-thin models.


But that isn’t the case everywhere. If you haven’t yet, you should definitely check out the gorgeous clothes at Lane Bryant. You can find incredible gear designed for a normal woman’s body. What’s even better is that right now, Lane Bryant and Groupon are partnering to offer incredible discounts as well. In addition to 30% off clearance items, the two are offering a $75 online coupon. You can also score 20-40% off by using the online codes provided through the above link. Best of all- these coupons and discounts are updated regularly, so be sure to check back occasionally to see if there is an even better coupon that suits your needs.


Many people think you should choose jewelry that matches an outfit, but it works the other way around, too. Selecting your clothes to match particular piece of jewelry often accentuates the jewelry in a way you wouldn’t achieve if you picked out your outfit the other way around. For many people, jewelry is so eye-catching, it is the first thing that draws in our attention. But you want your clothes to be equally as dazzling.


Next time you are out shopping and can’t find anything your size, remember Lane Bryant is there and has your back, and legs, and booty. There’s no need to leave those gorgeous earrings on the dresser because you don’t have the right outfit to match them- just check out Lane Bryant’s online store and you’ll be in business in no time.

Tim Gunn’s Jewelry Tips

Tim Gunn’s Jewelry Tips

I love jewelry, and I don’t mean the Hope Diamond. My reference is to beautiful, affordable items that enhance your look and supply you with an oomph of glitz and glamour. Think about the items you wear not only as a reflection of your personal taste, but also as a sign, a communication about who you are. My mantra for getting one’s style right is Silhouette! Proportion! Fit! This applies to accessories just as much as it does to apparel. The visual relationship between your jewels and your clothes should strike harmony and balance. But while we expect earrings to match, please avoid matching sets, as these are predictable and, frankly, old-fashioned.


Accuse me of being a fan of Wonder Woman (I am): I love a cuff. A cuff is not for a shrinking violet. It’s a bold, graphic statement and one that I find rapturous. If you’re wearing slim-fitting long sleeves, then wear the cuff on top of the garment. Furthermore, cuffs can be stacked — two or even three on one arm. It’s a fabulous look, but not for the faint of heart. Second on my must-have list are classic bangles. They come in a variety of widths — paper-clip-thin bangles are an opportunity for stacking a dozen.


Most people should have three rings in their vocabulary: engagement, wedding, and fashion. The first two are a matter of taste and budget. The third is about fun. Like the cuff, a fashion ring should be bold and make a statement. It should also be honest about what it is — in other words, it shouldn’t pretend to be Empress Alexandra’s 60-carat cocktail ring. Flaunt the fakeness! Celebrate the frivolity!


Necklace style selections should be based entirely upon the neckline of your garment. Admittedly, it’s tricky, but I have a few suggestions. Higher necklines — crew, turtleneck — work best with an opera length (26 to 36 inches), which offers versatility as a single strand, a double, or knotted. Plunging necklines are best served by a princess length (17 to 19 inches). Strapless calls for a choker or princess style. And halters or one-shoulders call for nothing. In the case of the latter, let your earrings provide the bling.


Watch preferences are personal. I know people who like them to be oversize, while others like them to be mere wisps that almost require a magnifying glass to read the face. Personally, I find large, chunky watches to be limiting — they’re not right for a cocktail party. If you’re interested in a day-to-night transition piece, then go with something smaller and dressier. I don’t know anyone who has ever said, ‘That watch is too much for the office!’


The easiest, most universally wearable earring is the stud. But be cautious about scale: Studs are just that — studs. The circumference should be no greater than ¼ inch. If you’re thinking of an investment, then I vote for pearls over diamonds, because you’ll find quality for about 75 percent less cost. Real pearls possess a great wow! factor, while few things are sadder than a single microscopic diamond.

Hippie Chic Style: Gift Guide for the Bohemian Fashionista!

Hippie Chic Style: Gift Guide for the Bohemian Fashionista!

Hippie chic style is all about showing your creativity through your clothes, while embracing the exotic, funky, and comfortable!

The Holidays are a perfect time of year to gift the hippie chic fashionista in your life with the clothing and accessories she’ll adore, to accentuate her style and closet in unexpected ways!

Since we spend so much of Winter covered up in coats, it’s key that this element of the hippie chic wardrobe is utterly fabulous! This reversible corduroy jacket is warm and cozy, with a sweet asymmetric zipper and pretty piping. AND it’s reversible! One side is pretty jewel-toned corduroy, while the other is a bright and funky bohemian print!

A colorful fashion scarf is a versatile accessory that has unlimited styling potential and the ability to transform any ensemble from ho-hum to tres chic! This recycled sari silk scarf makes a particularly perfect gift for a fashionista because–beyond being lovely in both looks and feel–each one is completely unique! Made by hand from recycled saris (beautiful, ornate dresses from India), these affordable & one-of-a-kind pieces take classic patchwork to the next level of ethereal elegance!
Speaking of scarves, a pretty pashmina is always appreciated, and these simple, solid, silky scarves will fit seamlessly into the wardrobe of any stylish lady, while adding bohemian panache!

Accessories are our favorite type of gift for the fashion-lover! Pretty necklaces, neck scarves, or sterling silver pendants possess the ability to completely transform an outfit; plus, you never have to worry about buying the wrong size! This beautiful retro beaded necklace is one of our favorites, to bring a bit of old-school elegance to any ensemble!

If your favorite fashionista already has all the jewelry she needs (though you can never have too much!) or you feel that perhaps you don’t quite know her style, every girl needs a pretty jewelry box to keep it in! This small spiral box is perfect for holding onto rings, earrings, pendants, and other small trinkets!

Jewelry Styling Tips: How to Choose the Best Necklace for Your Neckline

Jewelry Styling Tips: How to Choose the Best Necklace for Your Neckline

Coordinating your necklace to your neckline is a subtle trick that creates a huge impact on an outfit.  When this pairing is off, it can make your outfit look mismatched and awkward, but choosing the right necklace can instantly pull your look together, creating an effortlessly chic ensemble.

If you’ve been wondering what style of necklace to wear with a boat neck, scoop neck, v neck, crew neck, square neck, button-down, or strapless top or dress, read on for our easy fashion styling tips!


strapless V_neck turtleneck square_neck crew_neck collared_shirt boat_neckBasic Tips:

  • When you are wearing a necklace which will rest above the shirt, you want the shape of the necklace to reflect the shape of the neckline (angular beads or pendants with a square neck, v-shaped necklaces and pendants with a v neck).  When you mix disparate shapes–voluminous round necklaces with a deep v, for example–things start to look “off”.
  • Pendants work particularly well with v neck shirts, because the weight of the pendant pulls the chain into a V shape.
  • When accessorizing a button-down shirt, chokers are best for people with long necks.  A pretty pendant hanging to just above the top button can lengthen the neck and add a bit of flair for those with shorter, wider necks.
  • Turtlenecks and boat neck tops look fabulous with long necklaces, layered or individually.
  • Crew or jewel necklines are perfect for showing off statement collars and bib-style necklaces.
  • Strapless tops or dresses are well-suited to choker necklaces, even for those who don’t have long necks.  The extra skin you are showing with this style of top creates the illusion of a longer neck.

Keep these ideas in mind next time you accessorize, and you may find yourself amazed at the big difference a little know-how can create when you apply it to your unique style!

Bows, Florals, Hearts

Bows, Florals, Hearts

With so many jewelry trends hitting the fashion scene each season, it can be hard to keep up at times. There are trends that are bold and bright, and ones that are elegant and dainty…all made for a certain type of woman.

So what is right for you? Accessories, such as jewelry, can truly make or break an outfit – which is why it is so important to find the trends that work for you. More importantly, trends that you enjoy wearing and you are comfortable in.

We are really loving a lot of today’s jewelry trends, but here is a look at our top three favorite styles of the season.


Our first pick would have to be the ever-popular floral jewelry designs. And the best news with florals? They aren’t just for Spring and Summer seasons anymore. That’s right – this sweet and feminine is also one of the top trends for Fall and Winter, as seen all over the runways for New York Fashion Week in September. There are so many different pieces like rings, earrings, bracelets and more that come in floral designs there are designs that will fit any woman’s style!


Another truly timeless trend is heart inspired jewelry. The epitome of love and friendship, heart jewelry comes with a sentimental value that is almost unmatched in design.  Another classic style that has been around for years, this trend is extremely versatile and can be worn in so many different ways.


Last, but not least, is the gorgeous bow jewelry trend. One of the newest, and most popular designs we see today – in everything from clothing to shoes to jewelry, and beyond – bows are the perfect way to add a feminine touch to any look. With the addition of the Lorelei Collection, Hearts On Fire has brought new life to the bow trend by adding flair with scalloped edges and dazzling diamonds.

How to Wear The Aerial Stackable Bands

How to Wear The Aerial Stackable Bands

The Aerial Collection by Designer Ilaria Lanzoni is one of Hearts On Fire’s most unique diamond jewelry collections to date. For the first time, this collection allows us to offer the illusions of other diamond shapes, such as marquise and pear, by uniquely combining only perfectly cut, round diamonds. This provides chic, fashion-forward styles, with all the Hearts On Fire brilliance you love.

But the Aerial Stackable Rings are truly a favorite, for many reasons.  Available in eight different styles that are perfect for mixing and matching, these diamond rings allow the wearer to choose the look that portrays her personality best. You can choose to wear just one Aerial Ring, or pick a few of your favorites and combine them together to create a completely different look.

These dainty, elegant rings feature either a teardrop or marquise inspired diamond in the center (sometimes offset to the side) and your choice of white, yellow o

The Aerial Collection - Stackable Bands

r rose gold metal bands in either a beaded or straight edged pattern. The best part is that every one of these styles fits together perfectly with the others, so no matter how many rings you add or how many different combinations you create, you will always have a perfectly, dazzling design.